This is Blow’s official Blog.

Blow is a creative bureau for brands.

Yes, it’s ‘Bureau’.


Well, for starters, at least one French person works here and we be damned if we didn’t respect his French heritage. That’s it.

We follow a creative approach for everything we do – design and strategy. We also do copy-writing, 3D, video… You name it. Alternatively, click the button in the top right corner; there is a whole list of services with key words you may have a positive reaction towards. ‘Creative’ means we do not use the same template over and over again, expecting stupendously bespoke results (that’s the definition of insanity, right?). Every job warrants a new idea. Unfortunately for us, we’re more interested in our clients’ bottom line than in Blow’s and yet, we made a business from it.

Designers don’t get how complex brands are, strategists don’t get how beautiful. And we used to get really huffy about how design and strategy were divided up between people who wouldn’t share a popsicle. Blow can help you a great deal to insure both, strategy and design, are aligned and brand communications are coherent.

Blow was founded on a rainy afternoon in 2010 somewhere down the coast from Sydney, on a weekend away from the city, so full of booze and dissipation, that looking back is like staring after a flashlight you tossed into a moor. For the first few memorable months, this young, strapping design bureau was run out of a Bondi Beach kitchen; then a camper van office – not called ‘Blowmobile’ or the ‘Blow Bus’ – relying solely on word of mouth and the quality of our work.

In 2011 Blow moved into the Minton House, Kings Cross, corner of Bayswater and Darlinghurst. Yes, right next to the Coke Sign. Come by any time.

In 2012 Blow not only started their podcast (the Blow Show – iTunes Store) but also received their first batch of business cards (’Hello Big Business!’). And as if that wasn’t enough to proof our entrepreneurial acumen we also launched this very  website.

In 2013 Blow opened the doors to the online purveyor of fine goods extraordinaire, the Not So Friendly General Store (tnsfgs.com) and released a chili olive oil. Gonzoil is a taste choke-hold combination of extra virgin olive oil from Vico del Gargano, Italy, and Australian chillies, dried and infused in the Cross of Kings, Sydney.

So, thanks to everybody for spreading the word during our guerrilla past and sticking around for the future with ideas and challenges to stay up all night for and go crazy. We couldn’t ask for more support, compadres.


‘When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.’